Medical Representative

Medical Representative
2 years/120 ECTS, Diploma


  • Accredited Programme by the Council of Educational Evaluation - Accreditation (C.E.E.A.) of the Cyprus Ministry of Education & Culture
  • Government grant up to €3.420 for each year of study (with income criteria)

The Programme of Study "Medical Representative" (2 Years/ 120 ECTS, Diploma) is designed to meet the Level 5b Indicators of the National Qualifications Framework. The purpose of the Programme is to offer students quality and excellent education, as well as proper training, so that they can work as Medical Representatives within the framework of the current legislation. By combining theoretical and practical courses and courses that combine scientific knowledge with professional skills, this Programme of Study aims at delivering learning outcomes that contribute to the productive presence of the students in the field of pharmaceutical, scientific detailing for health professionals, such as doctors, dentists, and pharmacists. In particular, the graduates of the Programme of Study can acquire horizontal skills, such as skills of effective communication, development, maintenance and management of customer relations, public relations, and marketing, but also cognitive skills, which will allow them to provide detailing and scientific evidence of the suitability of pharmaceutical products, which they represent, to the various health professionals. For this reason, special emphasis is also placed on the acquisition of knowledge related to human physiology/anatomy, the sciences of biology and chemistry and pharmacology which – among other knowledge subjects – will help the students to interact correctly with health professionals and to provide scientific, pharmaceutical detailing.

  • Language of Instruction: Greek
  • Degree Title: Diploma in Medical Representative
  • Attendance: Morning (3 days per week) or Evening Classes (4 days per week)
  • Enrolment Requirements: Secondary School Leaving Certificate

5 Kallipolis Avenue
1055 Nicosia - Cyprus

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Fax: +357 22 756562

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