• The College has a total number of lecture rooms that are fully air-conditioned and fully equipped with all modern media (projectors, etc.).


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  • Beauty Therapy and Make-up Salons are fully equipped with the latest state-of-the-art machinery to contribute to both the technical and vocational training of students and to provide them with information on the latest developments in the industry that are meant to work. KES College has three (3) specialised Salons for Beauty and one (1) Makeup.

    The KES College Beauty and Makeup Salons have been fully renovated, renewed and upgraded with state-of-the-art equipment based on European specifications. Our aim is to provide students with the opportunity to practice in real working conditions of a professional beauty institute.

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  • KES College has four (4) modern Cooking / Bakery - Patisseries which are equipped with all modern cooking and serving machinery and utensils.

    Cooking & Pastry Kitchens
  • The Chemistry / Pharmaceutical Technology Laboratory is fully equipped with all machinery and special utensils. The renewal of the laboratory equipment is continuous. This laboratory is mainly used by students of Pharmacy School Pharmacy, Medical Visitors and Aesthetics. KES College, in addition to theoretical training, also emphasizes the practical training of its students.


  • The Studio Sound and Image Studio, equipped with modern professional equipment, enables the students of the Journalism and Public Relations Programme to prepare their own radio and TV programs. In addition, it enables them to work and familiarize themselves with the sound and vision equipment of a professional studio as well as with the use of special software for the processing of sound and images.

    Recently, the equipment of Sound Studio was upgraded with equipment for live streaming broadcasting of the experimental radio station "NOISE RADIO" of the journalism students.

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  • KES College has two (2) modernized computer laboratories fully equipped with modern PCs both in hardware and in software, spacious and fully air-conditioned that can accommodate at the same time 40 students. Each PC is installed on personal computers that are connected to each other on a Network with a Server. All computers can be simultaneously connected to the Internet via ADSL Business lines to provide instant and fast access to all students working in the lab. Each lab is connected to the network with a common printer to which all the personal computers of the lab can print. There is also a multimedia projector and a table to facilitate teaching.

    The use of workshops and internet access are provided free of charge to all registered college students.


  • KES College emphasises the organisation, enrichment and operation of its library, as this is one of the basic tools to support its educational effort and philosophy. In addition to the books, the KES College library includes videos, cassettes, CDs, DVDs, fast internet access for all computers installed in the library, and a variety of magazines corresponding to their curriculum. All library content is stored electronically, tabulated by using up to date technology so that students can find and acquire the books they are searching for either physically or via the internet.Each year, new editions of books and magazines are added to the library.

    Our library has recently been refurbished and expanded to provide comfort to our students. The students have access to wireless connection (WiFi) at all times. In addition to the above, the KES College Library has been extended with user access to electronic libraries: An agreement has been signed with the EBSCO international electronic library, through which students and college staff can access the Internet free of charge about 150,000 books.


  • Student Affairs and Welfare Services is committed to providing quality services and information in education issues, student life, rules and regulations and generally any other issues which might concern our students throughout the duration of their studies at KES College.

    Welfare Buling 2022

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  • The KES College cafeteria offers a pleasant and comfortable environment for relaxation and the development of social relationships between students as well as between teachers and students. It has indoor and outdoor covered areas and free wireless internet access (WiFi).

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