Student Admission and Registration

(A) Entry Criteria for Students

  1. I. The College accepts students who have graduated from a public or private secondary education in Cyprus, listed in the Register of the Ministry of Education and Culture or abroad, or students who hold other equivalent qualification. Candidates who graduate from an English Secondary School of Education, must have at least five (5) subjects passed at IGCSE.
  2. II. University graduates are accepted for registration in the first year of study. University graduates who studied a programme comprising “courses” related to the programme for which they register, are exempted from these courses (lectures and examinations), once they submit the necessary documentary evidence, such as, the syllabus for these courses and the accompanied transcript presenting their grades for each course.  

(B) The registration procedures:

  1. I. Candidates wishing to enrol in the first year of study in any field may be pre-register in the months of March - September of the previous year. Upon enrolment and pre-registration the candidate will pay the tuition fees to secure a place.
  2. II. For the registration of the first-year students it is necessary to present the following documents to the College Registrar:
  • The original Lyceum or other school certificate as mentioned in 2.1 above.
  • Original certificates of five (5) IGCSE if the candidates come from an Equivalent to the high school leaving certificate, if the candidate is a foreign student.
  • Equivalent to that of the high school leaving certificate, if it is a foreign student.

The original certificates of education (Baccalaureate or IGCSE) are photocopied and returned to the candidate at the time of registration.  

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