Pharmacy Assistant (Technician)

Pharmacy Assistant (Technician)
2 years/120 ECTS, Diploma


  • Accredited Programme by the Cyprus Agency of Quality Assurance and Accreditation in Higher Education (CY.Q.A.A.)
  • Government Grant up to €3.420 for each year of study (with income criteria)

A pioneering step of KES College is the creation of the Pharmacy Assistants' Programme. This two-year programme offers full-time attendance leading to a Diploma. The Pharmacy Assistant programme is the first in Cyprus, is registered in the Register of the Ministry of Education and Culture and is also evaluated - Certified by the Council of Educational Evaluation - Accreditation [C.E.E.A].

The profession of Pharmacy Assistant is a responsible and, at the same time, interesting paramedical profession related to Health and more specifically to the pharmacy.

The Pharmacy Assistant (Technician) duties include:

  • General support of pharmacies in private and public pharmacies (help with prescriptions, drug management, etc.)

  • Performing specific tasks in medical centres (eg preparation of appropriate concentration of anti-cancer drugs, etc.)
  • Support of pharmacists in specialised departments of the State Pharmaceutical Services
  • Language of Instruction: Greek
  • Degree Title: Diploma in Pharmacy Assistant (Technician)
  • Attendance: Morning or Evening Classes
  • Enrolment Requirements: Secondary School Leaving Certificate

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