KES College is a Private Higher Education Institution that has been offering educational services for 52 years (since 1971) and it is a recognized and prestigious college in Cyprus.

It operates in Nicosia and offers 22 Programmes of Study ranging from Diploma, Higher Diploma and Degree, which are registered in the Register of the Ministry of Education and Culture and Accredited and entitled to a State Grants, which amount up to 3,420 € for each year of study based on various economic criteria.

Our programmes are well structure but some are also unique in that we are the first to offer certain programmes in Cyprus to which all correspond to modern requirements and meet professional standards.

Many programmes offered at KES College have been operating for the first time in Cyprus for several years (eg Office Administration and Secretariat Studies since 1971, Journalism and Public Relations since 1972, Beauty Therapy since 1979, Cooking and Gastronomic Arts since 1995, Medical Representatives since 1999, Pharmacy Assistants since 2008) and therefore both College and Teachers - in addition to their academic and professional qualifications - have vast teaching and work experience in their academic fields offering extensive theoretical and practical contributions to those programmes.

Beyond the theoretical knowledge given to students, KES College places particular emphasis on practical training. This is achieved both through continuous practical training in the special workshops of each programme and by practical experience in the workplace.

In addition, attendance at KES College is compulsory as students are heavily involved in the process of teaching - learning in the various programmes.

The College’s ambition is to provide professional and responsible education and training in areas where there is demand in the labor market.

The bold, innovative and ground breaking initiative of KES College to offer professional programmes based on International and European standards has also contributed to the upgrading of the respective professions.

KES College will continuously and responsibly pursue its innovative in the field of Professional Programmes, always looking for Future Market Trends.

5 Kallipolis Avenue
1055 Nicosia - Cyprus

Τ. : +357 22 875737
Fax: +357 22 756562

Email: [email protected]