The department of Student Affairs and Welfare Services - strives to help, support and deliver services to its students in all aspects of college life. The service is committed to providing quality services and information regarding education issues, student life, internal rules and regulations and generally any other issues which might concern or have an impact on our students throughout their studies at KES College.

For more information, please contact with the Department of Student Affairs and Welfare Services, - Tel.: 00357 22875737


Services on offer at the department of Student Affairs and Welfare Services


KES College e-learning

The department supports students in properly using the College’s electronic platform, which provides continuous online information to students on all matters concerning their studies.

Networking with the Business World

Due to the professional nature of our academic professional programmes, networking with the business world aims to support and expand communication, developing strong collaborations between our educational institution and the labour market. At the same time, our department aims to deliver diverse support for our students; career planning & development advice is given in order to guide and facilitate their integration with the labour market. We take pride in offering programmes that provide high employability opportunities to our graduates.


The College envisions to continue in having an important role in the lives of its graduates by maintaining contact with them, promoting and cultivating their network and supporting them wherever and however possible.

International Admissions / Student Affairs

This service aims to help and support international students. We want our students to succeed with their personal and academic goals and objectives in a new and inclusive environment. Guidance and assistance is offered to students with regards to the audit and administrative process for acquiring residence permits (visas) from the Department of Civil Registry and Migration. In addition, the service supports and promotes social interaction amongst all students, irrespective of nationality within the College and the extended community.

Student Support

Provides students with various informative materials and documents such as brochures, applications for financial support and all administrative material (documents/applications) students might need on various issues related to their studies at our College.

Counselling Services

Provides impartial and confidential advice and support to students with personal challenges which may affect their educational progress and personal development. We also offer advisory and counselling services that offer constant support and guidance to our students throughout their stay with us such as but not limited to: personal and/or family related issues.

Cooperation with the Student Union

The Student Welfare Services in close cooperation with the Student Union Council, aims to promote, coordinate and resolve issues related to the students’ well-being and quality of life at our College.

Career development

The aim of the department is to help students and new graduates in their efforts to find relevant employment. Useful information and support for the continuously evolving labour market and the necessary favourable conditions for a successful career are provided.

European Programmes (ERASMUS +)

Through the Erasmus Program students, teachers and administrative staff are able to gain useful experience by visiting other educational institutions or other relevant organizations that relate to their area of expertise or profession. There are numerous ways to benefit from the Erasmus program and gain useful experience which can greatly enhance the future career path and opportunities of each and every applicant. We invest time and work tirelessly to provide mobility opportunities to our students and staff.

Student Life and Activities

The service is aimed at helping students to organize group activities by providing information and assistance on issues relating to their life in College. Amongst others, the service is focused on organising recreational and sporting activities (excursions, dances, tournaments, etc.), voluntary social activities as well as awards and scholarship ceremonies/events. In addition, the department manages and monitors student card activity and distribution, organises Student Council elections and coordinates the activities of Student Clubs & societies of the College.

Student Affairs - Online Support

Prepares and publishes timetables, examination schedules, educational certificates, transcripts and other documents. Online services allows students to apply electronically for any documentation they might need, thus eliminating backlogs and improving Student services. .Our goal is for all College services to be delivered in an efficient and timely manner.

Admission and Student Services

The department provides students with all the necessary information on college policies, admission requirements as well as details on all Programmes of Study.

Student Accommodation

KES College takes care of students looking for accommodation options. Apartments are located within a short distance from the College. Students coming from abroad or from remote areas in Cyprus can request more information and help with their housing options at the College's Admissions and Support Office.

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