Ημέρα Καριέρας των Προγραμμάτων Σπουδών Αισθητικής του KES College

22 February 2024

On February 22, 2024, KES College organized a Career Day for the students and graduates of the Assessed - Certified Programmes of Study "Beauty Therapy" and "Beauty Therapy and Beauty Therapy Units Management" in collaboration with Aegeo Spas, a partner of the College.

Initially, a presentation of the company was made and the company's mode of operation and the philosophy behind the personalized wellness experience offered to the spa guests was explained. Then, information was provided on the employment opportunities, internships and the participation of students and graduates in the company through the Erasmus+ program.

The company operates in Greece, Cyprus and Bulgaria. The employment positions in the company concern both the provision of Beauty services as Spa Therapists and in the administrative part, in positions of Spa Manager or Assistant Spa Managers.

Both students and graduates of the College showed great interest in their employment opportunities in the Spa of Aegeo Spas and solved their questions about the recruitment and employment process.

KES College always has as its first concern the professional rehabilitation of its graduates as well as the best placements for the implementation of mobility by participating in the Erasmus+ programme for internship purposes.

We would like to thank Aegeo Spas for the excellent presentation and information for the students and graduates of the Beauty Therapy Programme of Studies of KES College.

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